Garry's Mod Servers Network

NxRP Rules

General rules

Main Section

  1. It is forbidden to use software or bugs which give you advantage over other players or the server (cheating, BugUse).
  2. It is forbidden to disturb the operation of server.
  3. It is forbidden to bypass account bans.
  4. Players must inform administration about important problems, which may give ability to crash the server or get unfair advantage over other players.
    Possession and concealment of such information, or its distribution, is punishable.

Chat Rules

  1. Insulting or attempting to somehow humiliate other players or moderators is prohibited. We may ignore singular, not too harsh insult shouted in the heat of a battle, but it depends on the situation and we don't guarantee anything.
  2. Various senseless resentful statements ("dis server is shite", "everything is clear with you", "such an admins here..." and such) will only lead to your ban.
  3. It is forbidden to advertise servers, communities, Steam groups in any form.
  4. It is forbidden to repeat same or very similar messages in short period of time. Sending large and meaningless sets of characters is also prohibited. (Flood).
  5. Don't use voice chat to make loud noises, squeaking and other unpleasant to hear sounds.

Communication with Administration

  1. Be polite and patient while talking with administration.
  2. When calling for an administrator, you MUST indicate the problem and name of the offending player.
  3. Don't tell admins that they'll get their status dismissed, you have no authority there.
  4. Don't add admins in steam or any other meanings of internet messaging. Use the forum or the Discord server.
  5. Administrators help exclusively at their own will. They aren't obliged to respond.

NxRP Rules

Main Section

  1. Role Play is game by roles. This means that you can play a variety of roles. RP does not mean that everything should be like in real life and everyone needs to be afraid of each other. Please refrain from words and concepts such as NonRP, FearRP, FailRP and others similar to those listed.
  2. Your roleplay name should be realistic (no to Cat Meow, Crab Man), it shouldn't contain redundant punctuation and should follow general rules of word capitalization.
  3. It is forbidden to use suicide, reconnect, job change to evade RP situations, such as prosecution by the police, robbery, becoming a hostage, hunger and others.
  4. Your mission is not to defeat everyone, don't kill every person you see on your way. Every murder should follow with an adequate reason. (Random DeathMatch, RDM)
  5. Revenge killing can only be done once, and only for something that happened no longer than 2 hours ago.
  6. Any job may have weapons for self-protection, unless banned by law.
  7. Jobs Mobster and Mob Boss are "invisible" - your character sees them as usual citizen (meaning, you can't just check mobster for weapons, just because he's mobster).
    Any other information seen on the screen is seen by your character too.
  8. Only gangsters, mercenaries and hobos can commit severely illegal acts, such as robberies, attacks on the mayor, etc.
  9. Don't switch jobs in short period of time to get items, weapons and whatever else (Job Abuse).
  10. Don't do ridiculous things that no sane person would normally do, for example:
    • Spawn 1,000,000 text screens saying "kill zone".
    • Ask cop to kill you, just because you're hungry.
    • Jump in fire with courage, when exit is unreachable.
    • Stand in front of moving car.
  11. Every demote vote (premium only) should have an appropriate, truthful reason in accordance with rules, without insults. You are not allowed to initiate demote votes if there's no rule breaking.
  12. Vote wisely, don't randomly press "yes" or "no" in votes. If you're unsure - press "not voting".
  13. It is strictly forbidden to exchange in-game money to real money or their equivalents.

Chat Rules

  1. Don't use City chat to communicate with an individual person.
    To chat with someone privately use PM tab in Chat.
  2. It is forbidden to commit sexually explicit RP actions.
  3. It is forbidden to send messages in /advert, which aren't RP advertisements.
  4. Don't use GROUP voice chat if your age is less than 14.
  5. Don't use phone and /advert to call an admin.
  6. Don't threat other players with bans.

Law Enforcement Rules

  1. Police Officers aren't allowed to arrest players without adequate reason (Random Arrest).
  2. Use taser and handcuffs only against disturbers.
  3. Police can use lethal weapons only when lives of citizens or police officers is at threat.
  4. Every wanted and curfew should follow with coherent reason. Reasons such as "lol", "CHECK", "ccccccc" are invalid.
  5. Curfew may be used only in event of emergency. It is not allowed to have scheduled curfews.
  6. Police is allowed to build barriers, checkpoints, speed bumps, block roads and buildings. Any blocking barrier contraption should have a crackable entrance.
  7. Search for weapons requires no warrant (but adequate reason is required).
    You CAN search in houses for no reason.
  8. Corrupt cop can't actively counteract against law enforcement. For example, corrupt cop may "not notice" some of crimes or "accidentally" forget to lock door in the PD; but he can't attack other policemen.
  9. Mayor isn't allowed to make laws which break server rules.
  10. Mayor can not legalize money printers. Money printing is always outlawed.
  11. Mayor and Chief can't kick Police Officers for non-serious reasons or no reason at all.
  12. Beating of prisoners is governed by Mayor or Chief of Police.

Business & City Service Rules

  1. Business includes all jobs that are contained in the Business tab. Same for City Services.
  2. Any businessman may not service player, who inflicted them a damage, insulted them, disturbs peace or wanted by police.
    If there's no sufficient reasons to deny a trade, businessman should commit it.
  3. Businessmen and City Service workers aren't allowed to participate in organized groups, aimed at gaining profits or benefits from non-business activities.
  4. Businessmen should profit from their sales.

Hitman Rules

  1. Hit requests should only be made through hit system (C > Get a service > Make a hit). Hit requests made in any other form are not valid.
  2. Any hit request should have an adequate reason. Requesting a hit without a reason is the same as killing without a reason.
    Client is responsible in case of Hit-RDM, not mercenary.

Build Rules

  1. It is forbidden to spawn temporary props to reach inaccessible locations (PropClimb).
  2. It is forbidden to kill with props (PropKill).
  3. It is forbidden to spawn too many props in one place and/or in short period of time (PropSpam).
  4. Your buildings must be at least somewhat realistic: they should be lower than skybox, have support (like, a real support, not one cylinder with lift), and it should not change its colors rapidly.
  5. The use of props with materials and colors preventing a correct visibility of these is prohibited (black props with black materials that block light, white props that dazzle).
  6. It is forbidden to block public entrances.
    If this entrance follows to corridor, where you own all doors, then you're allowed to block it.
  7. Any placement should have an entrance, which is publicly accessible, or crackable with lockpick, KeyPad or button.
  8. Any entrance which is made by mapper should be publicly accessible, or crackable with lockpick, KeyPad or button.
  9. Items, hidden behind/under/in props, should be accessible with lockpick, KeyPad or button.
  10. When blocking entrance it is allowed to use no more than two layers of doors (usual doors are also taken into account).
    If this door is more than two props, then there should be easily visible KeyPad near door, which opens whole entrance at one moment.
  11. Buttons/keypads should be located near objects under their control, they should be noticeable.
  12. Entrances should be capable of holding two players and be in full size, meaning that one prop should be size of standing player (64 units), so tunnels which require crouching, or corridors which require ducking/jumping/detouring aren't allowed.
  13. It is forbidden to use, create and remove Fading Doors during battles.
  14. Firing chambers should be of size no less than half of standard plate (metal_plate1, 1x1 PHX) in height and width.
  15. All objects must be clearly visible.
  16. Placing objects outside of reach for others player is prohibited (for example, under ground).
  17. It is forbidden to use props which look like walls, but act like they're nocollide and shoot-through, and vice versa.
  18. It is forbidden to use props which are transparent only from one side.
  19. It is forbidden to place blocking structures on territories you don't own without consent of its owner.
  20. You may declare neutral territory as your own and build your house on it, if it's not territory of public use (road, parking).
  21. It is forbidden to spawn valuable items and buildings in places, which aren't accessible by usual means of travel (without parkour).
    Exception: house roofs bellow 4 stores. You must build an accessible public ladder or lift to that roof. While there's no way to access it, you are not allowed to place valuable objects and buildings on the roof.
  22. The following should not be placed at elevator entrances/exits:
    • doors
    • rooms that are too small
    • rooms, in which players can be shot from outside
  23. It is forbidden to make disappearing floors, ladders, lifts, platforms.
  24. It is forbidden to spawn jails for players/items using Duplicator on players/items, or put props over players/items.
  25. It is forbidden to use Wiremod to search for players or valuable items outside your own territory.
  26. You are not allowed to build during fights or any other forms of confrontation.
  27. It is forbidden to put props on structures with intention to prevent helicopters from landing on it.
  28. Placing props in such a way that defenders are not visible to attackers, while at the same time defenders can see and shoot at attackers is not allowed.
  29. It is forbidden to place prop in such a way that it does not suffer any explosion damage caused nearby.